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Photo by Kehan Wang (Santo Tomás, 2022)


Courses taught as a Graduate Teaching Fellow:

  • PO171: Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)

  • PO141: Introduction to Public Policy (Spring 2018, Spring 2020)

  • PO321 Foundations of American Public Policy (Spring 2021)

  • PO533 Globalization of Nationalism (Fall 2023)

  • SO437 Sociology of Culture (Fall 2023)

Courses taught as the Primary Instructor:

  • PO330: Natural Resource Politics in Latin America (Spring 2023; upcoming Spring 2024)

Courses worked as Grader:

  • IR360 Introduction to Latin American Politics and International Relations (Fall 2020)

  • PO321 Foundations of American Public Policy (Fall 2023)


Teaching Writing
Students' Evaluations

“Kehan was a king, he made in-person/Zoom classes entertaining and explained things really well. When you participated, he encouraged you to go further by asking prompting questions. Daunting, but possible and pushed me to my best potential.”

“The instructor’s passion for the topic they teach. In addition to this, they also are very understanding of the problems students may face throughout the semester.”

“The professor is very kind and knowledgeable about the material. He covers all of the concepts well and will answer questions. The debates we did during the last couple of classes were fun, and it also helped us put our knowledge to use. I do think that there needs to be more debates or deep discussions like that because they were really enjoyable.”

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